Body By Vi Review

Many people are looking to lose weight. They are willing to try different diets and exercises to get into shape. Every so often there is a new fad diet that comes along promising people they will lose a lot of weight in a small amount of time with minimal effort. The newest diet is the Body By Vi challenge. This diet consists of a shake and body challenge kit. The shake is said to take like cake mix to make people want to drink it. While this sounds good many are still wondering if this plan works.

Body By Vi has a ninety day challenge for people to take. A person has to use their protein shake as a real replacement . A person has the shake for breakfast and lunch. For dinner they can have just about anything they want. There is no calorie counting or assigning points to foods. The shakes contain all necessary vitamins and minerals. The shakes also contain antioxidants to help a person lose weight quickly. If a person gets three other people to join this weight loss program they get their next shipment of shakes at no charge. There is also online support to help a person in their weight loss goals.

People that have used Body By Vi are impressed with this challenge. The thing that surprises people the most is that the shakes taste good. They do not taste like chalk or leave behind a residue in the mouth like other protein shakes do. In the ninety day span many people have reported loosing at least fourteen pounds or even more. The shakes does not require drastic changes to a person’s lifestyle. They have a shake for breakfast and lunch. For dinner they can eat whatever they want . A person can even go out for dinner. The shakes cost around two dollars a serving which is less than the price of a breakfast or lunch. They are easy to make and can even be taken to work or other public places.

While people are impressed with the shakes deciding what kit to buy can be a little confusing. The Body By Vi comes in the balance kit to maintain weight and more advanced kits for accelerated weight loss. This diet may be hard to stick to for an extended period of time since it is restrictive. The 90 Day Challenge can help a person lose weight quickly but is it yet to be seen if they could keep it off.


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Body By Vi Review

Apr 30, 2012 by Carrie Edwards

Here is my review for the Body By Vi diet:

When my friend first told me about the 90 Day Challenge offered by Body by Vi for weight loss and health, I thought it sounded a little too much like reality TV. Really, a company that is willing to issue prizes for losing weight using their products? I was skeptical at best.

But I decided to try the program anyways because my friend is the most honest person I know, and she really believes in this product. She is a distributor, and I have to admit, she has dropped a lot of weight recently.

The 90 Day Challenge was actually fun. I followed the program, tracked my resultsa, and used the support system that was put into place by the company so you can achieve the best results. I have dropped over 25 pounds so far, and it is not quite over yet. I must say I am impressed.

It Worked for me

Apr 24, 2012 by Steve Dekker

I tried the Body by Vi weight loss plan because I was desperate. I did not have a lot of weight to lose, but I felt poorly and wanted the nutritional benefits of the plan. The meal replacement shakes are filled with all the nutrients that your body needs to be healthy, and I believed that was what I needed.

I felt the transformation in myself within a matter of days. I began using the delicious shakes twice a day, and by the end of the week, I was energetic and looking forward to the weekend. People began to comment about my appearance having a healthier glow and how shiny my hair looked. I dropped some weight too, which also helped my self-esteem and health.

This has been a wonderful addition to my diet routine and I will continue to reap the health benefits of this wonderful product.

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