Body By Vi Shakes

Body By Vi Shakes

Dieters around the country are raving about the taste of the Body by Vi shakes. The high protein, low calorie meal replacement shakes are simply delicious. Most people state that they smell like cake mix, and that when mixed with milk they have a cake batter taste. Others claim that when mixed with fruit and ice they make the best smoothie in the world.

Why do the Body by Vi shakes work so good for weight loss if they taste so good? It is because they were made to taste like a treat, not a meal replacement. When your brain registers that it is eating a treat, the reward sensors in your brain flood the body with endorphins making you feel good and satisfied. This satisfaction is one of the main reasons that Body by Vi shakes work.

Above and beyond all the nutritional value that the Body by Vi shakes provide each time you drink one, they give you that “good” feeling. When your body feels rewarded in this manner, it is more apt to continue doing whatever it takes to feel good again. This is why the weight management plan using the Body by Vi Shakes are so successful for weight loss.

Depending on your personal body goals, there are different types of Body by Vi shakes available. There is a plan to help you drop a few pounds, a plan for extensive weight loss, a plan for nutritional health, and even a plan to gain weight if you are frail.

Dieters mix two scoops of this delicious shake mix into their preferred drink, stir, and consume. Each shake replaces a complete meal, and dieters are encouraged to have two shakes each day. Shakes can be blended with water, milk, almond or soy milk, fruit juice, or yogurt when making a meal replacement. For those looking to just enjoy the significant nutritional value of the shake, sprinkle the mix over cereal, mix with pancake batter or add to your favorite baking recipes.

The Body by Vi shakes were created to help dieters shed weight without feeling deprived or hungry. They are wholly nutritional, and are an excellent source of protein. Protein is necessary for lean muscles, high energy and overall good health.

If you are interested in dropping weight while creating good health, then you must try the Body by Vi shakes. You will love the way you look, you will love the way you feel, and you will love how quickly the transformation takes place.

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Body By Vi Shakes

Apr 30, 2012 by Jessica Stallings

When I tried a meal replacement shake by Body by Vi, I could not believe how something that tastes so good could not be bad for you. This thick shakes make you think of cake batter, and they are filling and delicious. Your body actually believes it is receiving a treat and not diet food, making dropping weight so much easier.

Can you imagine the words “easy” and “weight loss” being in the same sentence?

I have seen so much improvement in my health and weight that I have decided to become a Body by Vi distributor. I must share this wonderful product with everyone I know. If everyone can feel as good as I do, the world might just become a better place.

Body by Vi - 90 Days Challenge 207-409-0495 12619 Wooded Bluff Ct. Jacksonville FL, 32226 USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 When I tried a meal replacement shake by Body by Vi, I could not believe how something that tastes so good could not be bad for you. This thick shakes make you think of cake batter

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