What is the 90 Day Challenge Body by Vi?

90 day challengeThe Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge is one of the most innovative and rewarding dieting systems on the market today. The 90 day challenge is a contest that was created by ViSalus, creators of Body by Vi, to encourage and reward those who are seeking to lose weight.

The Body by Vi system is a diet plan that utilizes vitamins and meal replacement shakes as a way to enhance weight loss. These filling shakes, which taste like cake mix, are high in protein and low in calories in fat. Using these shakes to replace two meals a day has shown to accelerate weight loss.

However, ViSalus wanted to make the dieting process more rewarding, so they created the 90 Day Challenge. Anyone who begins the Body by Vi meal replacement program can enter the contest, and everyone is encouraged to do just that. During your first 90 days on the program, you track the weight and inches that you lose. Winners are selected based on who has lost the most in both areas.

Winners will partake in many fabulous prizes, including an exotic vacation for the grand prize winner. Many of the prizes include free products and other merchandise.

The creators of the Body by Vi system, however, decided that the 90 Day Challenge simply was not enough to help everyone succeed. Yes, competition always sparks some people into trying harder to diet, but in many cases, competition to lose weight and receive a reward is not enough.

So a support system was created for all people that are using the product. Clients of Body by Vi can receive the encouragement and support they need to make this diet work for them as part of the system. Since the inception of this support system, Body by Vi has seen an incredible increase in success stories.

Sometimes you need an encouraging word, or information on what to do to achieve better results. Sometimes you need someone to root for your success, or simply be there when you need them. Body by Vi understands this part of dieting, and they believe that anyone using their shakes and support system has the possibility to lose weight and win the 90 Day Challenge.

The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge is continually running, and every 90 days new winners are announced and rewarded. Anyone that wishes to participate will not have to wait to join, and they can begin competing and losing weight from day one.

Each meal replacement shake is filled with everything a person needs to become nutritionally fit and to lose weight. There are different types of programs available to consumers, depending on how much weight they need to lose. All meal replacement programs are accompanied by the support program.

If you are impressed with the results of the 90 Day Challenge, and you will be, there are also opportunities with Body by Vi to become a distributor. Distributors can make extra income from home selling these wonderful products as well as earn free products to consume for their own use.

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My husband loves the new me!!!

Apr 24, 2012 by Tina Hampton

When you join the 90 Day Challenge to lose weight with Body by Vi, you do not expect to win anything. Dieters often have poor attitudes, trust me; I have been a dieter for a long time. However, I decided to take this challenge and try to improve my health and weight, never expecting to win.

Well, I was not the top winner, although I sure would have liked that prize, but I did win some products for my weight loss success. Just think about it, you lose weight, you feel better, you look great, and the company that gave you the tools to make that happen also rewards you for your effort.

It is simply brilliant. I am recommending this system to all of my friends. The best thing though is that my husband has that look in his eyes again!

It works!

Apr 23, 2012 by Pamela Dalton

I have been an unsuccessful dieter for many years. In fact, I have tried everything except surgery to help me lose weight, and I have never had any success. Sure, I would drop a few pounds, a few inches, but they never stayed gone. Most of the time those pounds and inches came back with a vengeance; leaving me heavier than before I started.

As a last hope, I tried the Body by Vi meal replacement shakes. First off, I think they are delicious. When you take them you feel full, and within a few days I began to feel more energy. I believe it is from all the vitamins in the shakes. After a week, I had already begun to drop weight, and I have not bounced back at all.

Body by Vi - 90 Days Challenge 207-409-0495 12619 Wooded Bluff Ct. Jacksonville FL, 32226 USA 5.0 5.0 2 2 When you join the 90 Day Challenge to lose weight with Body by Vi, you do not expect to win anything. Dieters often have poor attitudes, trust me; I have been a dieter for a long t

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